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Shipment in railroad cars:

Company «Carbotek» delivers its products in covered railroad cars.

Terms of delivery: FCA Ventspils Commercial Port.

Products shipped in railroad cars have the status of EU goods. If the goods are shipped outside the European Union, export procedures may be completed.

Shipments are made in batches of 58 tons. Coal packed in bags of 25 kg stacked on pallets. Each pallet weighs 1 ton. Railroad cars are loaded using forklifts at the disposal of Company «Carbotek». Containers may be loaded manually without using the pallets. In this case the weight of a railroad car will be 60 tons.

Upon customer's request a batch of pre-packed coal may be formed from various grades and brands of coal, with bag markings.

The cost of delivery of the goods in a railroad car depends on the place of delivery.