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Carbotek T


Net calorific value

6900 kcal/kg


10-25 mm, 40-70 mm40-200 mm

Moisture content

max. 8%

Sulphur content

max. 0,5 %

Ash content

max. 12%

Volatile matter content


Weight (a package)

25 kg

Weight (a big bag)

1000 kg

Additional information:

Grade T: lean coal. Semi-anthracite, hard-to-ignite coal, used as a rule as fuel for railway transport and power stations, is called lean coal. This coal differs in that it contains 8 – 17 per cent of volatile substances. Coal of this grade does not have the caking ability. Its ash melts at temperatures from 12000 C to 16000 C. The calorific value of the dry mass without ash is ca. 36,500 kJ/kg and mainly depends on the chemical composition of coal. Air feed is to be monitored when using coal of this grade.