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Carbotek SS


Net calorific value

6700 kcal/kg


10-25 mm, 40-70 mm40-200 mm

Moisture content

max. 8%

Sulphur content

max. 0,5 %

Ash content

max. 12%

Volatile matter content


Weight (a package)

25 kg

Weight (a big bag)

1000 kg

Additional information:

Grade CC: low-caking coal. Sometimes low-caking coal is hard to ignite but despite this shortcoming, it tends to burn long with large heat emission. Use of Grade CC coal does not put stringent requirements as to the volume of the furnace and blast-furnace and the maximum quantity of feed of the raw material, since the process of combustion takes place mainly due to the residue of coke.

However, when using this sort of coal it is necessary to monitor the air feed. If the air feed is insufficient, the fuel will burn less intensively and the flames are likely to die out. If the air feed is excessive the air temperature inside the furnace may rise to a critical level, or loss of heat may occur due to a drag-out of the heat by the air stream. An excessive air feed may be observed visually by the presence of a bright white flame.

Grade CC coal is used in large power plants, in industrial boilers, for public utility and household needs.