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Carbotek D


Net calorific value

6000 kcal/kg


10-25 mm, 40-70 mm, 40-200mm

Moisture content

max. 12%

Sulphur content

max. 0,5 %

Ash content

max. 12%

Volatile matter content


ROGA Index


Weight (a package)

25 kg

Weight (a big bag)

1000 kg

Additional Information:

Grade D: long-flame coal.Long-flame coal burns easily and does not require air feed. It is the best fuel for furnaces and boilers. A minimum quantity of wood is required for it to heat up, making it also very economical in use. One of the areas of use of this coal is for public utilities and the household. In addition to the household consumer, it is also used in boiler houses. If the content of ash in long-flame coal is small, the coal may be used as a raw material to produce liquid fuel and chemical products. It may also be used to produce coke and semi-coke. Also, long-flame coal is used as a raw material for the production of special carbon absorbents and activated carbons used in pharmacology for treatment of any liquid. But of course heating is the most promising direction for the use of long-flame coal.