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Why choose ''Carbotek''?

Our strategy is not just to sell you coal, our strategy is to provide you with the best service, top quality products, convenient packaging, and delivery of the goods.

What is your goal when you buy coal for heating purposes? The coal must be cheap, of an optimum size? Should it burn well? Leave minimal waste during combustion?

Very likely so. But in addition to all of the above requirements, the main task - you should be enough coal for heating season from the known to you own needs. After the coal is ultimately the energy that will stand out from the combustion, the price and the amount of this energy should meet your needs and possibilities.

Let's try together to identify the strengths of coal in bags. Coal in bags has a number of advantages that you should consider when you are facing a dilemma whether to buy coal in bulk or in bags:

It's quite possible. But, in addition to all of the above requirements, the main task faced by you is to ensure you have enough coal for the entire heating season, based on your own consumption needs. Coal is ultimately energy released in the process of combustion, and the price and amount of this energy should meet your needs and options.

Let us try together to identify the strengths of coal packed in bags. Coal in bags has a number of advantages one should consider when faced with the dilemma of whether to buy coal in bulk or in bags:

  1. Weight.When buying a load of coal, you quite often rely on the honesty of the seller or supplier, since you do not have the possibility to weigh the car with coal upon delivery. When bulk coal is brought over to your place and unloaded, you will agree there is always the thought in your head: 'I really hope I have not been cheated and the coal will last for the entire heating season.' This is natural because you have planned a budget for the needs of heating during the year, and based on the experience you already have you know how much coal you need. It is as easy as ABC with coal by ''Carbotek'', you can check it. If you want you can have each bag weighed, and you may rest assured you bought just as much coal for your money as you had planned.
  2. Quality. A load of bulk coal has been taken to your place and unloaded there. The coal poured out nicely because large pieces are always placed on the top. Then when you start digging deeper into the heap you notice some small coal is present. It is all right if there is not much of it; but what if there is a lot of small coal? As the coal burns it will spill through the grate, dropping down into ashes without burning up. Here we have a question for you. When you bought your coal, did you pay for the small coal, too? Or did you pay just for good, high-quality coal? It is possible that the discount or delivery free of charge offered to you by the seller may be attributed to the presence of fines in the coal? But you were not informed about this, were you? And no one asked whether you wanted small coal and for the price charged, did they? We shall repeat ourselves in saying this but it is as easy as ABC with the coal provided by ''Carbotek''. You can have every bag checked if you want, the product will be of exactly the grade we promised and you ordered.
  3. Ash.Very often people pay attention to the residue left after the burning of coal. Residue is not only the ash content of the coal, it is also various layers of rock – soil, sand, and stones – present in the product. The presence of rocks in coal is due to the place and method of mining. We shall not delve into this, rocks are present in any coal but its percentage can be reduced. We do not crush our ''Carbotek'' products; we sift coal until we get the desired grade, thus separating incombustible admixtures from it.
  4. Delivery.When buying bulk coal, you undertake a risk to a certain degree, because you do not know what the winter will be like: it may be cold, it, and may be not. You buy the entire volume of coal for the season, and maybe you will not have enough coal at some point, and you will need some more, paying extra costs of transport, or there will be a leftover of coal lying on the ground till the next heating season. Of course, the coal will not be spoiled much, still it can break down while it lies on the ground. Our product ''Carbotek'' is packed in bags of 25 kg. We are represented in many cities in Latvia and Europe. We will help you solve the problem of ensuring an optimum quantity of coal for the heating season with a minimum loss due to the costs of transportation. Are you short of coal a little? Buy a few bags of coal from our dealer. Browse the Contacts Section of our website, find a dealer located the closest to you, or contact us.
  5. Storage. A load of bulk coal has been taken to your place and unloaded in the backyard. You cover the coal up or take the coal in buckets to the basement, storage or utility room. It is dusty and dirty, and you waste your precious time. The ''Carbotek'' product is packed in white polypropylene bags of 25 kg, which is an optimum weight for an adult to lift. The bags can be quickly and conveniently, there is no dirt or dust.


Thermal efficiency of coal. It often happens that the coal is good and it burns perfectly, yet it does not give the required heat. It is easy to explain: despite the fact that all coal is black, it is different in terms of thermal efficiency. Thermal efficiency depends directly on the calorific value of the coal burned. The calorific value of Grade D coal, which is the most commonly used grade, can range from 5,000 kcal/kg to 6,400 kcal/kg, i.e., the difference can be up to ca. 25 per cent. Grade D coal from the Khakassky coal basin can have a calorific value of 5,600–5,700 kcal/kg, Grade D coal from the Kuzbass coal basin can reach a calorific value of 6,400–6,500 kcal/kg. Keep this in mind when buying coal; probably, the price of coal is cheap due to its low calorific value. We personally believe that the optimum calorific value is ca. 6,000 kcal/kg. Incidentally, this opinion is shared all over Europe, so products of this calorific value are the most highly demanded ones. We only express our opinion, however. The product by ''Carbotek'' has a minimum effective calorific value of 6,000– 6,200 kcal/kg. We also offer our customers the best price– performance ratio.