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About Us

Latvian company «Carbotek» is one of the largest manufacturers of pre-packed coal in Latvia. The company was founded in 2014, and it is a subsidiary of the Russian Company Intertek which specialises in supplies of quality coal to the EU and TU markets both in bulk and pre-packed in bags of 25 kg or in big bags of 800 – 1000 kg.

Our partners in Russia are coal mining companies from the South region of Kuzbass, such as limited company Razrez Juzhniy, Resurs, Sibcoal, and Kuzbasstoplivosbyt.

All of our products are certified. We co-operate with independent international laboratories: private limited company SGS Vostok Limited, limited company SGS Latvija Ltd, Incolab Services RUSSIA, Incolab Services Latvia.

The main business direction of Company «Carbotek» Latvia is sales of pre-packed coal bags of various grades and brands on the EU market. The sorting and packing equipment available at the disposal of the company allows producing 3 – 5 thousand tons of high quality products a month.

We guarantee high-quality products and timely deliveries to our customers by various means of transport.

 Our main goal is to establish perfect long-term relationships with our partners.